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Headed to press!

We are excited to be headed to press with our new book.   It's been a fun although lengthy process to put this together.   It feels so good to have it wrapped and running through the presses.   To the chagrin of my team, I'm already thinking about the next edition.   Isn't that the life of design though?   We are constantly moving from one project to the next and while the completion feels fantastic, I'm always excited for what's coming up next.

As we edit and assemble the various projects we wished to feature, I'm reminded of each client that we had the pleasure of working with.  It's very rewarding to bring these concepts to life, to create solutions for their lives that make their time at home intrinsically more rewarding.  Thank you to each of you for the trust and enthusiasm you brought to the project.  

And to the team who tirelessly worked with me on this - you are the best.  Love you guys.  


Approving the Press Run

Approving the Press Run

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