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Coffee Cravings? Get Your Fix With These Tips from the Kitchen Design Pros at Cooper Pacific

True coffee connoisseurs know that the best coffee depends on three important factors: delicious beans, fresh, filtered water and an excellent coffee maker. Whether you’re a coffee purist or just need your two cups of joe to get your morning going, here’s the buzz you need before you make a decision on an in-home coffee machine.

Cooper Pacific Kitchens CEO, Steven Cooper, shares his favorite built-in coffee maker brands to help you get your java on in your new kitchen.


Not only is the Miele coffee system sleek and beautiful, it comes with all of the features you’ll need for the perfect cup of joe. Whether you take your coffee black or insist on your morning latte, Miele’s built-in systems come with all of the best features, including an easy-click milk system. The milk is key for presentation, taste and body.  Check out the milk frothing feature — each unit has a different solution, so be sure you try this out before you buy.

Do you like a large latte, but your spouse needs an extra strong Ristretto? Make sure your unit is programmable for individual users so you can save your favorite brew – or 2. This Miele unit has up to 10 user profiles, so everyone in your family gets their favorite drink on demand!


The best part of this built-in coffee maker are the many water features.  Not only does this beautiful system have 4 different water hardness settings, it also has the option to select 12 different water levels.

Many of the higher-end makers have large reservoirs (including this Gaggenau, with its 1.9 quart water tank), so you can go longer between fill-ups, but our favorite feature is the plumbed-in water line, so you don’t have to add water as you go.


While you may think you need to go with a countertop model to save space, many of the built-ins fit the space of a full size microwave. If an impeccable latte is high on your must-have list, think about swapping out the micro. This Wolf unit doesn’t require any extra plumbing, which means it can really go anywhere in your kitchen.

Even if you couldn’t think of drinking anything other than a fully loaded cup of joe, you may well have a guest who prefers decaf. Be sure to check if you can switch out the beans or use pre-ground beans in your preferred brew to make everyone happy. This system has five different strength settings, so you know you’ll get the exact flavor you want.

Pro Tip: Try cleaning it BEFORE you buy it! With all the fancy bells and whistles, it’s easy to overlook maintenance. Make sure you fully understand the cleaning requirements of the unit. Do a test run!

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